Specialist areas

Foreigner law

For EU citizens and citizens from third countries, the Swiss immigration and residence regulations and the obtainment of work permits can involve complex issues from various legal areas. Foreigner law deals with these issues and defines the corresponding legal foundations. Do you need assistance in obtaining a work permit or a residence permit? Has your residence permit not been extended or do you require information about naturalization?

Are you planning to reunify your family? Would you like us to obtain a tax ruling for you? At Wisler Legal, we are here to assist you. We provide you with advice and answers to your questions pertaining to all matters associated with migration. We would also be pleased to provide you with support in administrative aspects related to the work permit procedure for foreign workers.

Corporate law

Are you undertaking the complex search for the correct type of company and the optimal legal structure for your business activities, including holding structures both in Switzerland and abroad? The specialists at Wisler Legal support you, even after the foundation of the company,

in all aspects relating to the organization and management of your companies or in the event of restructuring. In addition, we represent the interests of shareholders and provide advice regarding the conclusion of shareholder commitment contracts.

Contract law

Contractual relations are an integral part of our daily lives. Scarcely a day goes by in which you do not conclude contracts, such as purchases, assignment contracts, contracts of employment, loans, etc. The handling of contract law, which regulates these contractual relationships and the resulting rights and obligations of the contracting parties, is one of Wisler Legal’s core comptetencies.

We draw up, draft, and negotiate contracts for you, such as purchase contracts and general terms and conditions, consultancy agreements, agency and distribution agreements, brokerage agreements, or lease contracts and contracts of employment. We ensure your interests are brought to bear.

Real estate law

Purchasing and financing real estate, implementing a construction project, incorporating one or more properties into a complex portfolio, or selling real estate – all of these processes raise numerous legal questions. The same applies to renting out or selling condominium property.

Wisler Legal carefully analyzes the legal situation for you, rapidly converts the results into contracts and supports foreigners in the obtainment of a permit to purchase real estate in Switzerland.

Inheritance law

A testator is not entirely free when setting out a testament, since the law defines certain mandatory regulations. Inheritance law specifies who is entitled to a share in the inheritance and how the inheritance shall be divided. In addition, in particular in the case of asset succession, the increasing significance of the international component and the tax implications must be taken into consideration.

However, a testament or contract enables you to make full use of the existing scope of the available options and allows you to organize your estate in good time. Together with the specialists at Wisler Legal, you will find solutions that are fair for all the parties involved.

Employment law

Employment law regulates the rights and obligations of employees and employers. It forms the legal basis for the wide range of legal relationships in our complex working environment. Wisler Legal is there to provide you with advice and support,

particularly in drawing up contracts of employment, in the event of extraordinary work terminations or employee lay-offs, but also in the enforcement of post-contractual non-competition agreements.